The following information will help you understand some of the services available at Families First and how we can best assist you.  We recommend meeting with one of our team members, as they can then speak with you in person and better understand your needs in relation to all of the services we offer. 

We are proud to say that no member of our team receives a commission and we welcome pre-planning without pre-paying, not even requiring a deposit.  We offer this in order to take the stress off of your decision making and allow you to gather information without obligation.   We want to know more than just what you are purchasing.  We want to personalize the service to your needs, gather statistical information for notifications, estate benefit information, family names for obituary information, past employers’ information for notifications, details of when, how, and where the cremation service will be conducted, etc.  A meeting with our team member is relaxed and offers options and choices for your consideration.  You should consider allowing us 2 hours depending, on your questions.

The following are services available to you and your family.


Let us help make the most difficult time in your life easier with our complimentary Families First Concierge service.

We will assist you by picking up momentos, clothing, and photos, anything that will help to celebrate the life of your loved one. When the service is concluded, let us deliver it back to you.

No need to worry about the cemetery. We will communicate the information for you, make your appointments, accompany you when needed, order your flowers, notify service clubs, and pick up miscellaneous items on your behalf.

Let us make dinner reservations for your family, help you pick up relatives from the airport, train station, and even make hotel reservations for your family and friends traveling to Windsor.


After the death of your loved one, you are often left with responsibilities that may seem insurmountable.  Putting these tasks off can often delay benefits to a surviving spouse or child.  In order to help your family, our Certified Executor Advisor will assist your family in completing government notifications and forms, life insurance and benefit forms, and any other Estate Benefit service you may require.


We offer families our unique “Children’s Program” to assist you and caregivers with the difficult task of explaining death to your children. Our program uses simple language, focuses on why we are here, and encourages your children to share memories of the person who has died.



Our facilities offer excellent reception rooms for you and your family.  On-site preparation in our new commercial kitchen means that we can react quicker to your changing needs. It is now more convenient for your family to use our reception facilities between 5pm and 7pm and daytime receptions can be prepared on-site.  Wine and beer is available with a special occasion permit, which Families First will attain.

Convenient Location  |  Our reception lounge provides a friendly setting for your family & friends to gather for a reception.

Exclusive Catering  |  Our receptions are catered exclusively to offer you flexibility, choice and affordability.

Comfortable Environment  |  You will feel at home and well taken care of in our fully accessible reception facility.


Our in-house graphic studio allows our Graphic Team to create personalized memorial tributes which focus on helping you and your family celebrate the life of your loved one.


Our Team at Families First is made of up of qualified professionals.  You will meet with a licensed Funeral Director or licensed Pre-planner.  At Families First we will guide you through the decision process without pressure and personalize your choices to provide you service excellence when you need it most.  We are proud to say no member of our Team receives a comission for any choices  you  make.  

As previously mentioned, we think it is important for you to meet with one of our team members to ensure you understand all the services available to you and your family.  At Families First we want to ensure you are fully informed.

We are proud to say no member of our Team receives an incentive or commission for any decisions you make.  You can be confident that Families First staff will not attempt to oversell you merchandise or supply services you do not want.

Please feel free to contact a member of our Team :